‘A rich and varied assortment of dark minds and dark deeds. Deliciously disturbing.’ Peter James – 2015 Voted by WH Smith readers The Best Crime Author Of All Time

“For anyone whose literary tastes run to the dark and the twisty, CAPITAL CRIMES is a damn near perfect taster menu.” – Simon Toyne – international bestselling author of the Sanctus trilogy

Capital Crimes is an exciting anthology of short stories from ten members of the International Thriller Writer’s Organisation.


HERSHAM HORROR BOOKS PRESENTS 5 Original Stories from the Minds of: Simon Bestwick Alan Spencer David Moody Daniel S. Boucher Maynard Sims. The Fifth anthology in our PentAnth range brings you five more chilling tales of terror. We all need water to live, but what if that life giving body was not so friendly after all. Dead Water


In March 1998 we formed ENIGMATIC PRESS, a publishing imprint designed to promote the best in supernatural fiction. It published the well-regarded quarterly anthology, ENIGMATIC TALES, which offered a forum for new writers as well as promoting forgotten authors of the past. The wide range of stories published, ghost, horror and psychological, both traditional and modern, with artwork, reflected the best in the supernatural field. It received Arts Council funding for one year. Enigmatic Press was nominated for the 2000 International Horror Guild Awards and The British Fantasy Society Awards. 33 Enigmatic stories gained Honourable Mentions in Ellen Datlow’s and Terri Windling’s The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror

Enigmatic Tales 1 Summer 1998 Iain Maynard Cover Crystal Blue (part one) by Allison Cologna Illustrated by Des Knight Within The Walls Of Darkness by Paul Bradshaw Splatterjack by David Price The Queer Picture by Bernard Capes Ill Steekit Ephraim by Howard Pease Sackcloth and Ashes by Nigel Brown Illustrated by Iain Maynard To Dwell On Tainted Ground by John B Ford Illustrated by Colin Langeveld The Gallery In The Woods by Paul Finch The Foot Of The Garden by Simon Bestwick Illustrated by Iain Maynard The Window by Maynard & Sims Enigmatic Tales 2 Autumn 1998 Iain Maynard Cover Crystal Blue (part two) by Allison Cologna In The Water by Joe Rattigan Illustrated by Steve Lines The Elms by Simon Bestwick The Stone Rider by Nellie K Blisset A Fireside Story by John Davis Illustrated by Steve Lines Devils Of Lakeland by Paul Finch Illustrated by Iain Maynard The Tragedy Of Endore Hill by Alan Austin Illustrated by Alan Hunter Voles by Rhys Hughes Illustrated by Des Knight On The Raft by R.E. Vernede The Restoration by Colin Pink Illustrated by Iain Maynard Blood Positive by Maynard & Sims
Enigmatic Tales 3 Winter 1998 + CHRISTMAS CARD Iain Maynard Cover Harriet by Nigel Brown Lizzy Of The Loch by Martyn Prince Creatures Of The Night by Paul Finch All Along The Watchtower by David Cowdall Illustrated by Iain Maynard A Letter To Lovecraft by Peter Tennant Illustrated by Iain Maynard The Face At The Door by W. D. Dobell In The Cathedral by Geoffrey Warburton Illustrated by Colin Langeveld The Red Woollen Necktie by B.M. Croker The Fleshing Rooms by Paul Joyce Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert In Quires and Places Where They Sing by A. F. Kidd Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert The Ghost At The Gatehouse by David Christopher Illustrated by Steve Lines Bad Idea by Robert E Murphy Falling Asleep by Trevor Denyer No Compunction by Gerald Gaubert The Carol Singer by Chris Fox (as Christmas card. Illustrated by Iain Maynard). Enigmatic Tales 4 Spring 1999 Iain Maynard Cover Silk The Gaze by Jesse F Knight Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert A Cup Of Tea by Katherine Haynes His Wife by Z. I. Ponder Disco Dolly by Tina Rath Illustrated by Des Knight A Trick Of Dusk by D F Lewis/G Lewis Illustrated by Iain Maynard Stone Angel by Paul Marshall Illustrated by Cathy Buburuz and Charles Fallis Dr Trifulgas by Jules Verne The Duke Of Bad Medicine by Paul Walther Liebestraum by Michael Pendragon Illustrated by Cathy Buburuz Ways Of Paying by Deborah Maudlin Night by Stuart Young The Kindness Of Strangers by James Doig Illustrated by Steve Lines Judas Dreams by Martin Owton Smoke by Peter Wykes Illustrated by Iain Maynard You Don’t Want To Know by Mark Mclaughlin The Steeple Monster by Rick Kennett & A.F.Kidd The Tower by Cardinal Cox
Enigmatic Tales 5 Summer 1999 Iain Maynard Cover Reaching Back by Andrew Vachss So Sails The Slow Ship by Mark Leon Collins Illustrated by Rob Suggs The Spectre Of Rislip Abbey by Dick Donovon The Fetchshrift by Joan Boar The Red Bottle by Sarah Singleton Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert x 2 The Karswell Inheritance by Colin Pink Illustrated by Iain Maynard Goddess After Dark by Hunter Seitz The Celestial Club by Alan Austin Illustrated by Alan Hunter Thrice Seen by Simon Bestwick A Night On Dragon Rock by Paul Finch Illustrated by Rob Suggs Condensation by Chris Fox Illustrated by Iain Maynard The View by Ian Hunter Illustrated by Cathy Buburuz An Office In The Grays Inn Road by Maynard & Sims. Illustrated by Iain Maynard Enigmatic Tales 6 Autumn 1999 Iain Maynard Cover The House In The Wood by H. W. F. Tatham The Gandy Dancer by Paul Walther Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert Getting Back With George by Peter Tennant Rose Hill by David Christopher Illustrated by Cathy Buburuz & Charles Fallis The Pool House by Katherine Haynes Illustrated by Dave Fode A Sunday Sermon by Carole Tyrrell The Gaff by Paul Finch Illustrated by Rob Suggs Grandma’s Box by Pamela Jorgenson Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert Coloured Crimson by John Saxton The Bottle Seekers by Michael Pendragon Illustrated by Steve Lines The Crawling Thing by Paul Bradshaw Russalka by Dale J Nelson Illustrated by Iain Maynard The Skull by Francis C. Prevot Darkness by Lauren Halkon Painting Blue Murders by Steve Savile
Enigmatic Tales 7 Winter 1999 Iain Maynard Cover The Error of Our Ways by J. A. C. Shire Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert The Face In The Window by Colin Mackay Illustrated by Iain Maynard Sarcophagus by Steve Redwood Les Voyeurs by R. K. Kemp Illustrated by Cathy Buburuz Croxton’s Return by John B. Ford & Derek M.Fox The First Time by Steven Lockley Illustrated by Dave Fode Nothing More Common by Rhys Hughes Mirage by Jack Fisher Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert The Garden Of The Black Rose by Ash Miller Illustrated by Cathy Buburuz The White Line by Charles Hivner Dark Garden by John Light Illustrated by Steve Lines Corrosion by Richard Reeve Not One Of Nature’s Own by Joe Rattigan Illustrated by Iain Maynard The Patch by Philip Murray The Way That All Things End by Mark Nicholls Illustrated by Rob Suggs Shadow Writer by Paul Kane The Pulsating Wall by Simon Logan The Wardrobe (a lost story) by A M BURRAGE Enigmatic Tales 8 Spring 2000 Iain Maynard Cover The Last Good Times by Tim Lebbon The Rattle by Nigel Brown Illustrated by Iain Maynard The Case For the Defense by Peter Tennant Stilled Lives by Walt Jarvis Illustrated by Cathy Buburuz Jackdaw by Lauren Halkon A Trifling Murder by Jesse Knight Sap by Kay Fletcher Illustrated by Russell Dickerson The Legacy by Quentin Crisp Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert Waiting by James Doig Clipper In The Cornfield by Larry Blazek Illustrated by Sean Russell Friend Tenement by Keven L Donihe Projectionist Needed by Alec Worley The Pool by Matthew Banks Chance by Alan Austin Illustrated by Alan Hunter For Michael by Paul Marshall Indian Burial Ground by Peter J Wilson Illustrated by Dave Fode Sleep Deeply by Mark West Bratsley’s Farm by Adrian Brown Illustrated by David Grilla Green Slime by J Dyott Matthews A Letter To Lovecraft by Peter Tennant (Booklet published as winner of Story Of The Year Award 1999)
Enigmatic Tales 9 Summer 2000 Chris Whitlow Cover The Serpent Woman by Maria Middlemore The Seas Of Castle Hill Road by Rick Kennett Illustrated by Douglas Walters x3 The Witch of Fenstanton by D. J. Tyrer The Orchard by Sarah Singleton Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert Dark Reflections by Katherine Haynes Illustrated by Dave Fode Hands Touched By Chrism by James Doig Illustrated by Cathy Buburuz The Collaboration by Peter Tennant A Curious Incident by Alec Worley Illustrated by John Hawkhead Dark Waters by Dave Price Illustrated by Iain Maynard The Tragedy Of Power by Paul Marshall The Cobbler by Peter J Wilson Illustrated by David Grilla The Benefits by Antony Mann Mallory by Peter Wykes Illustrated by Russell Dickerson Harvest Time by G Lewis & DF Lewis Illustrated by Sean Russell Friend A Nervous Propensity by Andria J Cooke Illustrated by the author Lord Of The Jungle by John Pelan Enigmatic Tales 10 Autumn 2000 GAK cover Old Songs Waken by John Pelan Illustrated by Cathy Buburuz & Charles Fallis The Beast Of Bayou Sauvage by Chad Hensley The Sure Thing by Laura Elvin Skins by Kurt Newton Illustrated by Chris-Ann Kent Victorians byJames S. Dorr An Ancient Monument by Andria Cooke Illustrated by the author Siren by Lauren Halkon Empty Souls, Drowning by Mark West Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert Music For The Gods by Iain Maynard Illustrated by the author A Wonderful Guy by George R. Sims Ex Libris by John Shire The Special Place by Trevor Denyer The Hollow Stones by Gary Greenwood Déjà Vu by Thomas Denny The Cellar by Mayra Calvani Illustrated by Steve Lines At The Edge Of The Forest by Joan Board The Grand Masters Final Game by Mark Samuels The Deerstalker Hat by Alan Austin Illustrated by Alan Hunter The Pool by Clive Pemberton Living In Her Shadow by Chris Butler Afghan by Kurt Newton Illustrated by Iain Maynard

Enigmatic Variations and Enigmatic Novellas were high quality  limited edition publications of novellas and single author collections.

en1Enigmatic Novellas 1 September 1998 Moths by Maynard & Sims Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert



en2Enigmatic Novellas 2 January 1999 The Dark Satanic by Paul Finch Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert Featuring the stories The Magic Lantern Show & The Dandy Dogs
 Enigmatic Novellas 3 April 1999 Candlelight Ghost Stories by Anthony Morris Illustrated by Iain Maynard Featuring the stories The Chair & The Squire’s Walk


en4Enigmatic Novellas 4 July 1999 In The Mirror by Sarah Singleton Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert
en5Enigmatic Novellas 5 October 1999 Alternate Lives by Paul Bradshaw Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert Featuring the stories The Lonely Ones & The Vanishers en6Enigmatic Novellas 6 January 2000 Millennium Macabre by William Meikle/ Graeme Hurry Illustrated by Iain Maynard Featuring the stories The Johnson Amulet & The Blue Hag & The Dark Island
Enigmatic Variations 1 June 1999 The Hand That Feeds by Peter Crowther & James Lovegrove

Enigmatic Variations 2 December 1999 Icarus Descending by Steve Savile Illustrated by Michael Gilroy/Frank Mafrici Featuring the stories Remember Me Yesterday & Icarus Descending


Enigmatic Variations 3 April 2000 The Shadows Beneath by Paul Finch Illustrated by Gerald Gaubert Featuring the stories Beyond The Rampart & Hell In The Cathedral & Devils Of Lakeland (Runner up in Enigmatic Tales’ Story of the Year 1999)


Enigmatic Variations 4 May 2000 Treading On The Past by Derek M Fox Illustrated by Frank Mafrici Featuring the stories Treading On The Past & Echoes & Packy’s Room & Millstone


Enigmatic Variations 5 July 2000 Ballymoon by Alastair G Gunn Illustrated by Cathy Buburuz Featuring the stories The Sorrow At Drapers Field & Ballymoon & Belper’s Emporium


Enigmatic Electronic featured stories that were exclusive to the website at the time

The Downlink by Kenneth Goldman. January 1999
Brother Mutilator
by Paul Finch. March 1999
The Deadlight Box
by Mike Oakwood. April 1999
Our Hell by Paul Finch. March 1999
by Mark West. July 1999
The Beasts
by Stuart Weller July 1999
Spirits of Darkness and Light
by Stuart Young. July 1999
Like Clockwork
by Simon Logan. July 1999
Born From The Womb Forever
by Gerard Houarner. August 1999
Jamming With The Dead
by Peter Tennant. August 1999
Dark Visitations
by Paul Ward. September 1999
Eve’s Ghosts
by Martyn Prince. September 1999
by Andrew Roberts. September 1999
My Other Self
by John B Ford. September 1999
Shaped Like A Snake
by DF Lewis. November 1999
The Midnight Pact
by Phil Locascio. November 1999
An Egg On The Council House Roof
by Patricia Sibley. November 1999
If The Face Fits
by Christopher Harman. December 1999
by Sarah Singleton. December 1999
Lyra’s Kisses
by Alison L R Davies. December 1999
The Guitar Player
by Ash Miller. December 1999
The Flowers Of Delirium
by Richard Gavin. December 1999
The Squatter
by Peter J Luce. January 2000
The Seamstress of Havenport
by Jeremy Redelinghuyes. January 2000
Artemis Botanical
by Suzy Nightingale. February 2000
Graveyard Guardian
by Dave Price. February 2000
Crossing Over
by Everette Bell. March 2000
Memory’s Nest
by Paul A Toth. March 2000
by Scott Nicholson. March 2000
El Chivo
by Donald Murphy. April 2000
The Well Of The Moon
by Quentin S Crisp. April 2000
Glass-Stoppered Bottles
by Steve Duffy. April 2000

 dr1 dr2  dr3 dr4
 dr5 dr6  dr8dr9

Darkness Rising began in June 2001 and initially ran between 2001 and 2003 as 7 sub-titled volumes each of about 160/200 pages long, around 70,000/80,000 words of fiction each issue. Then in summer 2003 Darkness Rising was published as an anthology of 300 pages and 130,000 words. The series ended with the mammoth 400 page hardcover 2005 volume.

A story from Darkness Rising 1 was selected for Best New Horror 2002 edited by Stephen Jones. Darkness Rising 2 was nominated for an International Horror Guild Award under the anthology category 2002. 7 stories from the first two volumes gained Honourable Mentions in 2002 from Ellen Datlow The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror anthology. 14 stories from Darkness Rising volumes 3, 4, and 5 gained Honourable Mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2003. 12 stories from volumes 6 and 7 gained Honourable Mentions taking the total to 33 from the first seven sub-titled volumes. 7 stories from Darkness Rising 2003 gained Honourable Mentions in the 2004 volume of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2005. We never could track down if any from the 2005 hardcover got Mentioned.

Darkness Rising 1: Night’s Soft Pains Iain Maynard cover Marriot’s Monkey  by Howard Jones  Introduced by Hugh Lamb The Old Mill  by Kurt Newton Beggar and Child  by Walt Jarvis Best Kept Secret by Kim Guilbeau Investigations by John Shire The Devil’s Drum by Roger Morris Urban Sabbatical by Michael Laimo Dream Boy by Jack Fisher Gold Nuggets by Barbara Malenky Dweller On The Threshold by Michelle Scalise Landfill Dance by Stefano Donati A Whisper From Behind by Beth Lewis Mrs South by Richard Gavin No More A-Roving by Lynda E Rucker Islander by Donald Murphy Storysville  by Alison L R Davies The Graven by Simon Bestwick Old Lady Cat-Trash by Mark McLaughlin & Rain Graves

Darkness Rising 2: Hideous Dreams Iain Maynard cover Gabriel Restrained by Steve Lockley & Paul Lewis The Lady In White by Shawn James (Insert Title Here) by Adrian Versteegh Devil Man Of The Hollow by Paul Melniczek Just Another Vampire Story by Jeremy C Shipp Todhunter’s Rock by Steve Duffy Phylota’s Tomb by Iain Darby Broken by Jason Conway The Swing by Derek M Fox Let’s Go  by S D Tullis Flange Turner by Gene O’Neill The Wind, When It Comes by William P Simmons The Co-Walker by Tina Rath Express Delivery by Sarah (S J) Pinborough The Century Just Gone by Rhys Hughes The Black Statue by Huan Mee. Introduced by Hugh Lamb

Darkness Rising 3: Secrets of Shadows Iain Maynard cover Ancient Of Days by Chico Kidd Empty by Lauren Halkon In The Attic by Monica J O’Rourke The Sweep’s Story by Andrea J Cooke The Replacement  by William P Simmons The Werewolf by Maria Middlemore Introduced by Hugh Lamb For We Are Many by Paul Finch PVS by Beth Lewis The Man At The Circus by Andrew Roberts Deep Down by David Lindschmidt The Threat Of Sleep by Charlie Williams Sesqua Bud by Chad Hensley Junk Mail by Stuart Young Fragmants Of A Schizoid Dream by James Burr The Shadow Boy by Sarah (S J) Pinborough Sunshine by Colin Mackay Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

Darkness Rising 4 : Caresses Of Nightmare Iain Maynard cover In The Wheat by Maurice Level. introduced by Hugh Lamb The Memory Of Trees by Phil Beynon Going Back by Steve Redwood Love Lies Underground by Scott Emerson Bull Fields Of Mariah by Pam Chillemi-Yeager They Never Come Back by William P Simmons Essay on Geza Csath by Rhys Hughes Matricide by Geza Csath The Woman Who Collected Flies by Gerd Maximovic The Daguerreotype by Richard Sheppard The Cruelties Of Him by Brendan Connell Lost In The Crowd by Simon Wood The Drawstring by DF Lewis The Penates by Donald Murphy Last Bus Home by Andrew Roberts The Catacombs Of Osimus by Alastair G Gunn Charnel Wine by Richard Gavin The Maestro and Monique by Martyn Prince In Memories by Lucy Fryer Essay on Pierre Louys by Rhys Hughes An Ascent Of The Venusberg by Pierre Louys The Elemental Child by Beth Lewis

Darkness Rising 5 : Black Shroud Of Fear Amanda Sutton cover Looks by Mark Siegel Toad by Geza Csath  Jackie by Gene O’Neill You Pay For The Room by Horace Dusendschon Prisoners Before The First Horizon by David Rawson Where The Bodies Are Buried by Peter Tennant Daguerreotype by Andrew Roberts Gazelles In Babylon by Cyril Simsa Hide And Seek by John Paul Catton Cerebral Demons And The Split by Rachel P Kendall Invisible Dust by Mary Williams Brightness by Sean McFadden The Master’s Call by Philip Robinson The Spectre by Rick Hudson The Scavenger by Alison L R Davies The Storm Children by Cullen Bunn Means Of Deliverance by Simon Bestwick Little Death by Lauren Halkon Echoes by William P Simmons Feeding The Beast by Ken Goldman The Servant by Beth Lewis Pearls For Tears by Ian Harding The Venetian Blind by Pierre Louys

“Like the old Pan collections of horror stories, this will probably grow into the essential anthology series for writers and readers alike. So get on board now, because the darkness is sure to keep on rising and rising.” Paul Kane, Terror Tales

“All this reflecting on the reliable taste of the two editors, Maynard and Sims.” Gene O’Neill

“Overall it is a challenging and entertaining anthology. Maynard and Sims know what makes a Horror story tick and their choices here are to be praised. It reminded me a lot of the old Pan books of Horror.” David Howe, Shivers

“And one must mention, of course, the industrious work of the duo in reading and selecting all these stories!” Steve Redwood author, Spain

“I just wanted to write a short note to express my appreciation for your anthology ‘Darkness Rising Volume 7’ which I (perhaps inadvisably) started reading at 10pm this Friday evening and have just finished at some unmentionable hour the following Saturday morning (2nd August). I grew up reading the dear old Pan & Fontana series of horror books and I have to say that it’s a long, long time since I’ve been able to read a collection straight through with such tremendous eagerness to see what’s going to happen in the next story. Thanks ever so much. I really didn’t think they wrote them like this any more. Now I just have to hunt out the other 6 volumes.” John L Probert

Darkness Rising 6 : Evil Smiles Amanda Sutton cover Ha Ha by G R Sims Introduced by Hugh Lamb Cry Havoc by Paul Finch At The Mercy Of The Metal Dragonfly by Andrew Roberts Just Another Carnival Story by Jeremy C Shipp Whisky On The Grave by Justin Stanchfield Unrequited Love by Robert Swartwood Playing The Odds by Stuart Young Subterranean Voices by Kevin L Donihe Davy by William P Simmons Take It Off – Take It All Off by Mark R Kehl A Landing From The Roadstead of Nemours by Pierre Louys Harris House by G Durant Haire Alternative Night by Charlie Williams Hunger by Spencer Allen The Tree Farm by Kurt Newton The Tongues Of Men, The Voices Of Angels by Jason Brannon Those Who Scheme Throughout the Night by Michael Kaufman & Mark McLaughlin A Place That The Night Can’t Touch by Paul Edwards Eyes Of Hazel, Kiss The Earth by Darren Speegle Rag Dolls by Christian Westerlund The Procession by  Paul Kane Lord Of Hosts by David Robertson Tonight I Sing My Blues For You by J Newman Father, Son by Geza Csath

Darkness Rising 7  : Screaming In Colours Pia Hall cover The Cleaning by William P Simmons Heart And Soul by Philip Robinson Kindred Spirits by Paul Kane A Stirring by Mark West Miss Grant by Andrew Roberts Red Hands by Terry Gates-Grimwood Making Love by John Rosenman All In by Patrick Lestewka Danbury Copse by Iain Rowan Costa de Malo Muerte by Christopher Stires The Folly by Richard Gavin The Little Demon Doubt by Allan Gilbreath Shadows At Echo Lake by Tim Curran Shadows On The Snow by Phil Locascio Gathering Ghosts by Sheryl K Lindsay Retribution by Paul Melniczek A Bushman’s Story by Frances Faucett

Darkness Rising 2003 Pia Hall cover Blue by James Burr Lost by Jennifer Rachel Baumer The Gift by Iain Rowan Enough To Share by Barbara Malenky Of Their Own by Charlie Williams Fruitful by Loren MacLeod Bounty by Justin Gustainis The Weeping In The Witch Hours by Paul Finch Chaos War Engine by Joseph D Lacey The Right Size by William P Simmons Backseat Driver by David Simms Grandpa’s Orchard by Brian Ames The Rise And Fall Of Baby Choggles by Tim Groome Splatter by Paul Dee Fecteau Bucket Brigade by Trent Walters The Dust Corpse by Beth Lewis Girl In The Snow by Sally Holt Bendable Rulers by Phil Locascio Lie-Down-Johnny by Andrew Roberts Ménage A Beaucoup by James Burr


Darkness Rising 2005 (A hardcover anthology) Pia Hall cover The Thing In The Closet by Yvonne Pronovost Secrets Of The Beehive by Steve Duffy Strange Advances by Richard Gavin The Legacy by Anthony Armstrong Cleaned by William P Simmons The House Rules by Jaleigh Johnson Rawhide and Bloodybones by William Jones Imbibing History by Cyril Simsa Before I Wake by Erik Tomblin Eye Dew by Mark McLaughlin The Woman In The Walls by Ralph Robert Moore Waiting For Seasons To Change by Peter Tennant Epiphany In The Sun by Steve Redwood The Dust Settles by Scott Emerson Bull The Keeper’s Gibbet by Paul Finch The Hollow Heart by Tim Groome Puzzle by Kevin Anderson Burning Man In The House Of Lies by John Kiel Alexander A Cure For Baldness by M Louis Dixon Winter’s Dark Memory by Athena Workman