Jack Callum

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A six book series. The first three previously published in very different versions. Now restored and with the final three books added.

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A series of crime thrillers set in England in the late 1950’s moving into the 1960’s All the novels feature Detective Chief Inspector Jack Callum. Jack Callum is an ordinary policeman in a typical small English town. The crimes he investigates are far from ordinary.

“DI Jack Callum is everything I’d look for in a real life hero; a man we’d be proud to know and call friend – canny and tough, loyal but firm. He is very human and decent in the old fashioned sense of the word. A family man; we get warmly fond of his wife Annie, his two daughters and his fifteen year old son.” BookPostMortem review

The books are character studies of the main character and his approach to crime. The series is as much about him and how he relates to people – his family, colleagues, and criminals – as it is about solving the crimes. It is a crime drama series set in the late 1950’s, and as the series of books develops, each with a uniquely perverse crime, the time frame will enter the 1960’s with Jack reacting to the life changes he encounters, both within his family and in the outside world that his police work drags him into.

“Brilliant series. I just love Jack Callum, his family and colleagues.”