BAILEY CHANCE writes romance and erotic romance.

Bailey Chance is a new name in Romance. Her stories combine romance and erotica. Love and passion infused with sex and desire. Often it is best in life to act on emotion – the journey can be more satisfying than living cautiously.

There are two novels in the Project series and two novellas in the First Time series.


take a chance on romance

THE LOVE PROJECT where it begins

 “Who doesn’t love a sweet romance? Guy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy, and all get a happily ever after. Perfect. As a romance novel, the storyline sizzled from the very beginning. This tale is a great summer read, and would be perfect for a day on the beach.”

Erica Kelly is a curvaceous and attractive woman. Randolph Carter is her New York boss. He is also a well built, sexy, and sensual man, and Erica falls for him the moment she sees him. Erica’s business project is chosen from three finalists, which means she is going to LA with Randolph and the team. As the week-long trip develops, barriers threaten to prevent Erica and Randolph from becoming lovers. Randolph has to win new business on the trip, but he also wants to win Erica’s heart. Erica wants to impress her boss with her professionalism, but she wants him to notice her as a woman. Their relationship develops into lust, which they satisfy at every opportunity. Romance is on Randolph’s mind when the most important meeting takes place. Erica is distraught to find the potential business is with Randolph’s ex-wife. Erica leaves for the airport.



THE ROMANCE PROJECT where it all goes wrong

Erica and her boss Randolph Carter have found true love in Los Angeles on a business trip.  Is their love strong enough to fight off the jealousy of colleagues? Can Erica trust his intentions are real? This is a contemporary erotic romance story set in the world of media advertising. It features two very different individuals wary of involvement but destined to submit to the powerful sexual attraction between them. Will the barriers between them prove too much to bear? Traditional romance with lashings of erotic sex. If they can’t work together can they stay together? Are wedding bells in the air?




Amy and Todd have been best friends since High School. Amy has been in love with Todd from the first moment they met. She dare not tell him for fear of losing him. Todd has his own secret. He feels exactly the same way about Amy. Maybe attending Amy’s brother’s wedding will give him the chance to finally admit how he feels. Trouble is they argue and she storms off on her own, leaving Todd to fret back in the city. Amy misses him terribly. Can she find the courage to tell him how she really feels? Todd has a choice, win the girl he loves or lose her from his life forever. Amy is alone in her hotel room when there is a knock on the door. Could it be Todd? If it is can they be honest with one another? Can they at last consummate the loving relationship as they both passionately want to?




Kelly is 24, but shy, uncertain, an innocent, looking for The One. Curvaceous, beautiful and intelligent, she drives her friends wild with her lack of confidence. They try to persuade her to make more of herself but until she meets Benedict Cooper she is seemingly incapable of feeling arousal. He is handsome, confident, and fascinated by Kelly. Is he The One she has been seeking all her life? Her body certainly seems to think so as she feels sexual excitement for the first time. Her mind is falling in love with him and he seems to feel the same way. Benedict is drawn to Kelly, attracted beyond measure by her. Can their relationship survive the intense opening to it? Can they overcome the obstacles that seem to stand in their way? They struggle to connect, but when they do the fireworks explode in their heads and in their hearts.