A short script based on the story COLD COMFORT from our Death’s Sweet Echo collection has been performed by the Thriller Suspense Festival team at Wildsound Writing Festival. It won the Thriller Short Screenplay category. COLD COMFORT

Winning THRILLER Short Screenplay – COLD COMFORT, by Mick Sims

Department 18 won Best New Screenplay at British Horror Film Festival in 2013. “We would like to congratulate you on DEPARTMENT 18 winning our Best Un-Produced Screenplay competition at the British Horror Film Festival!”


Enigmatic Press published it along with a script for the third Department 18 book in the series – The Eighth Witch

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It is now published by as a pre-finalist in their festival. Feedback has been delightful “It has been a looooooong day of reading screenplays for me today but reading this one was an absolute pleasure. Some fantastic writing on display and a very, very impressive ear for dialog and rather endearing one liners. It was paced really well and you can really get a feel for the sense of direction which must have underpinned its writing and revisions. Very impressive.”

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Other screenplays have been written. These include Crematorium 3D

LOGLINE: Ability not disability.
During WW2 the gas ovens in the concentration camps were built by a reputable firm.A family firm, they built the ovens because they were “motivated by the “challenge” of perfecting and installing incinerators capable of burning thousands of corpses daily, and blinded by the detail to their moral crime.” This terror blindness continues for generations until a young grandson – Peter – is so affected by it in adulthood that he now runs a crematorium business. Trouble is when the incinerator breaks and he kept taking in business – he just buries the bodies in the woods.Jack, his mother Julie and his friend Mia, are at the funeral of Jack’s sister, Amy. A victim of drugs gone wrong.Disabled from birth, Jack, is used to people pinning lazy labels onto him, making allowances when all he wants to do is live a normal life.After the funeral, and reception, Jack is visited by Amy’s spirit who hints that she is not at peace. Jack receives the ashes in an urn from the crematorium but when he and his family try to scatter them at a special place the urn breaks and what is inside is not Amy’s ashes at all, just rubbish and detritus. The crematorium is in poor financial health, incinerators broken, bills unpaid. Peter resorts to murder to cover his tracks.Jack and Mia investigate what is happening at the crematorium. They catch Peter burying a body. Peter catches them, with the help of his Mother, Peter puts Jack and Mia inside the incinerator. It is then that Mother realizes the place is broken.Peter reveals he has broken the ovens because he wants to break the family cycle of evil. Jack and Mia are released by Peter who kills himself. The bodies in the woods are officially exhumed; they include Amy. Jack and his family are finally able to lay Amy to rest.