Department 18


Is a series of supernatural novels telling the secret story of the
clandestine unit of the government that investigates paranormal and supernatural events

The DEPARTMENT 18 pages are classified  and contain Top Secret information london__westminster_-_whitehall_-_geograph-org-uk_-_1739818

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At an old manor house on a remote Scottish island, six managers of a large corporation arrive for a week-long stay. Within days they will all suffer horrifying deaths and their bodies will never be found. The government assigns the case to Department 18, the special unit created to investigate the supernatural and the paranormal. However this is no mere haunted house. The evil on this island goes back centuries, but its unholy plots and schemes are hardly things of the past. In fact, while the members of Department 18 race to unravel the island’s secrets, the forces of darkness are gathering … and preparing to attack.

blackcathedral excerpt

2008 INTERVIEW about the book

‘It is a roller coaster of thrills and chills. I absolutely loved this novel, and I have no doubt that other readers will adore it as much as I did.’ Night Owl

“Maynard & Sims have proven their ability to effortlessly put horror readers through the wringer time and time again. This is real, unapologetic scary stuff.” Gary Braunbeck

“Maynard & Sims — two of my favorite literary necromancers — have done it again!  Turn down the lights, lock the windows, curl up by the fire, and prepare for a long night…” Steve Susco. Screenwriter of The Grudge

‘“Black Cathedral” is an exciting adventure in the dark fantastic, a dark and twisted “Mission: Impossible”. With this opening tale, Sims and Maynard have crafted an attention grabber that’s exciting and frightening. Like The Dresden Files, Department 18 and Robert Carter are sure to attract a loyal following.’ Shroud Magazine

“Wow, what a book. This is one truly frightening tale.  Maynard & Sims hit this one out of the park.” FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND

“A voice both uniquely entertaining and profoundly disturbing.” Brian Keene


There is a race of vampire like creatures. The species is called Spiraci from the Latin to breathe. They are called Breathers. They feed on human souls. They have existed since before Man walked the Earth. They have evolved over centuries and in the 21st they are split into two factions. Both groups are a threat to humanity. In London, the story begins with Robert Carter investigating suspected poltergeist activity in an apartment block. The reality is far worse.

“With their slick style and eye for the macabre, Maynard and Sims take their readers on a rollercoaster of sensory delight. If you’ve been crazy enough to miss them so far then grab their next book and jump on for the ride. Prepare to be thrilled and you won’t be disappointed!” Sarah Pinborough

night-souls excerpt

“Maynard & Sims are a horror duo that know how to scare the reader.” The Horror Review

“Amazing.  One of the most frightening books of the year.” Famous Monsters of Filmland

“Maynard & Sims make readers accept terrible denizens from nightmare as casual fact.” Cemetery Dance

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Robert Carter is on vacation. He should have known better. Evil never takes a holiday.

Four centuries ago witch hunters killed the seven Yardley sisters. Now Department 18 must battle…the eighth witch! Four hundred years ago six of the seven Yardley sisters-all witches-were hunted down and killed. The seventh lived long enough to give birth to a daughter. Now, centuries later, that daughter has resurfaced in the town of Ravensbridge, more powerful than her mother or aunts ever were. She has honed her powers, can change shape at will, and has only one ambition-to bring her family back from the dead to seek vengeance against the descendants of all who slaughtered them. Ravensbridge once lived in fear of the seven Yardley sisters, but they have yet to experience the terror of…the Eighth Witch.

theeighthwitch excerpt

“This book would make a good movie.” Fallen Angel

“a grand adventure, written in a very fast paced, exciting style that brings several characters together in a truly terrifying novel” Night Owl 

“The third Department 18 novel (after Black Cathedral and Night Souls), a consistently entertaining blend of supernatural horror and British drawing room mystery”  Publishers Weekly

plagueofechoes-copy   amazonukaaeaaqaaaaaaaakzaaaajgu1zmyyzwm3lwyxnjitngjjmi1hmwu5ltqzmdrhnzlkogezyw

The clock is ticking!
In London, Department 18 Chief, Simon Crozier, is brutally stabbed and left for dead. Billionaire businessman Pieter Schroeder has laid his first card in a deadly, high-stakes game, a battle that will pit Department 18 against evils both ancient and modern. As the secret past of Department 18 comes back to haunt the present day, the team’s future—and Crozier’s life—hang in the balance when they confront an enemy who is powerful, malevolent…and perhaps immortal.

aplagueofechoes excerpt

an email from a reader “A Plague Of Echoes was riveting! Department 18 never fails to keep me on the edge of my seat. The story is so exciting with all the mystery and twists that lead up to the conclusion. And it ends, as always, so powerful and full of excitement! I caught myself gasping on a few occasions. And I just love the characters. I want to know more of them and always miss them when the story is done. I am always recommending this series to friends!”

The hunt is on! Alice Logan has gone missing, and Harry Bailey and Department 18 have been called to help find her. The main suspect is Anton Markos, a satanic cult leader who has a predilection for young women like Alice. Members of Markos’s cult start turning up dead—shredded by what seems to be a wild animal. Is there a madman within the cult? Or is it something far more horrible? Can Department 18 discover the impossible truth and end the spree of murder, insanity and carnage? Or will they become the prey?

motherofdemons excerpt

‘The plot develops in an interesting way that  keeps the pages turning fast.  The authors put out consistently high quality novels that read fast and fun, and this story is no exception.’ Hellnotes

A reader writes  ‘I have read all 5 Department 18 books, LOVED every one of them. And yet I still want more! This latest installment took me for a real ride. Suspenseful, brutal, mysterious and even a good amount of humor. Maynard Sims ability to completely pull you into a story is impressive. Mother of Demons is totally captivating. Twist and turns all leading to an unimaginable ending. So well written, thought out and put together. Maynard Sims rocks again! Seriously awesome book!’

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